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    My name is Robert Morse and I’m with Victor Securities. We are Introducing Brokers to Merrill Lynch Professional and Penson Financial and provide a variety of solutions for Hedge Funds, Trading Groups and Active Traders.

    On Elite Trader, I get a lot of PMs and Emails asking what platforms we offer. We currently offer these broker neutral platform to out clients:

    Sterling Trader: Great for equity/option day traders. For option traders, no access to the COB. Full service platform. Must pay for platform and data. API available.

    Silexx Obsidian: Great for equity/option traders. Full service platform with no data fees, just platform fee. API available.

    Knight Direct: Great for equity/option traders. Platform fee reasonable but must pay for data fees. Full service platform that excels at pairs trading. The platform is also highly customizable.

    Instinet TradeSpeed: Great for equity/Option traders. Very clean, very fast. No API or charting available. Built for speed. The platform resides at Instinets co-location for DMA, and you CITRIX into the platform. Excels at Option trading. The Option module is called TOP, and was developed for volatility traders on trading floors and hedge funds.
    Penson MT4 platform: Great for FX trading.
    We also offer whatever Penson Futures offers for Futures Trading. The list is located at:

    Through Penson Futures, we can also offer co-location availability at:

    600 West Chicago Ave (Penson Futures headquarters) is a fully redundant N+1 datacenter. We have connectivity to the CME via CME direct. This is duel 100Meg connections.

    350 Cermak is a fully redundant N+1 datacenter. We have CME L-NET connections, which is currently the fastest connection that the CME offers.

    The new CME Co-Lo in Aurora Il. This is the fastest connectivity to the CME. They will be handing off 10 Gig cross-connects.

    To use these facilities, you’re required to have a Penson Futures account and be proficient enough to write to either the CME API or Penson API, and pass their testing process.

    If you’re interested in asking me any questions, please e-mail me your contact information and I'll give you a call to follow up.