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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ehmoran, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. ehmoran


    Is there a Trading Platform/Program that allows one to add pre-generated technical data?

    I'm looking for a Platform that would allow me add the data presented on Financial Market webpage.
  2. Seems like you would want to go to the source and ask them.

    Same thing with your other question about Amibroker, they always respond quickly to emails.

    My point is, nothing wrong with asking in different forums, as long as you asked the main players also.

    What do you mean by pre-generated? What kind of format is it?
  3. ehmoran


    I can format the data anyway I need; i.e., copy from the website into spread sheet as daily close SPY value data then convert to text delimited etc. But the problem will be to have the data go beyond the real-time tick feed.

    The data is already created. It's future SPY ETF data.

    I might be able to get to send me the data then I can convert to whatever format for import...
  4. Mr_You


    NinjaTrader allows external/custom data feeds.
  5. ehmoran


    That's what I thought, thanks for the advise...