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    is anyone experiencing problems trading on their platforms in fast markets? I am told that Aeriel whose software is behind many of the platforms is to blame... basically in the last 2 months the only way i can reliably deal post numbers or in fast markets is over the phone. Sometimes I am jobbing a very short price horizon and obviously that is not practical... I want to know if this is a common problem or is my provider just giving me bs.
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    It's not the provider or your platform. It's your broker.
    If you trade the news then you'll need ECN or a broker that is willing to let you trade during volatility. for example.
  3. There are internet issues at the moment between the UK and the US - ping times have crapped out. This is affecting the ECNs.

    You talk about ariel - I assume that means you are trading with the likes of IG or ODL. They claim that the issue is the fact ariel (sp?) are setting up their own trading platform. I think this is a smokescreen - they are both adopting practices more akin to the worst shops if you job the market. I would not trade with them either.

    I would not go with ACM if it was the only broker in the world.
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    Who would you go with for news trading?
  5. Futures or an ECN like currenex, lava or hotspot.
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    I would agree with you in theory. But as a matter of fact I have made way more money trading the news with ACM then I did trading on Currenex or Hotspot. The thing with ECN is-partial fills they can mess up your trade in a very bad way. Say I wanna get out of 2m and getting only 1.3 filled then it takes time to set another order and the precious time is lost(so are money). With ACM I just do not have to think about this stuff when I click 2m sell I will get it at the price that I have clicked on and in full.
    So hypothetically I agree, one should not keep funds and trade with a broker such as ACM but....... well you got it I guess
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    wait till you start making serious money off acm and you will notice a change
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    I have made more than enough and do not trade with them anymore.
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    I'm with you on ACM.
    I use their platform which I consider the best in the market. Traded several millions with them, and had no freakin' problem!!
  10. Farajl,

    You registered yesterday and your first
    post is about ACM, right !:D

    STAY AWAY FROM ACM, I have traded
    with them and the moment you entered
    a position,they moved the market 1 pip
    against my position.

    ACM is NOT an ECN !

    I am with Lon Eagle on this one.

    Never listen to people on this board who
    just registered or only have a few posts
    pumping one broker.

    Listen to people who are around on
    Elite for a long time like me and
    Lon Eagle, sczz97....
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