Platforms for trading futures spreads

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  1. I would appreciate software recommendations for trading spreads on futures.

    My understanding is that XTrader Pro actually creates an implied price based on the defined spread, displays that price in the DOM, and when you place an order against the implied spread price it simultaneously executes all of the legs for you. Please correct and/or augment as necessary. Many thanks in advance if someone could post a screen shot or two of this feature in XTrader Pro.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  2. spread


    Standard Xtrader allows for exchange listed spreads, Xtrader Pro also allows you to create your own spreads. You're correct on everything.

    Autospreader is the Xtrader Pro functionality that allows the user-created spreads. If you're interested in Pro, I assume that you want to trade non- exchange listed spreads.

    If there's a screenshot that you want that you don't see at that link, let me know.
  3. That's their autospreader app and comes with xtraderpro. it's the industry standard for sythetic spreads. i've used it for years. they have a training video for autospreader on their website.
  4. What broker do you work thru with AutoSpreader...

    What does it cost thru that broker...

    Is it worth the cost...

  5. Thanks for your replies and the screen shots.

    It seems like XTrader Pro has all the features for which I'm looking (I'm looking to trade custom spreads). The monthly fee is a little steep for me at the moment, however ($1,250 was the lowest I've seen).

    Any other packages with similar functionality?