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Discussion in 'Trading' started by pacific7, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. pacific7


    Anybody have any thoughts on the best/worst trading platforms out there for equity traders?

  2. I use Interactive Brokers and Sterling.
    IB I like
    Steriling I hate
  3. dealmaker


    Redi ( Goldman Sachs) is a widly used platform by prop firms, while its sufficiently good its very finicky; anytime it updates get ready to have signing in trouble the following morning.
  4. IB is a good trading platform. All I need is a dom to trade with. Also IB is java and java platforms for me never froze on me once. Can't say the same for others. Lost a lot of money once when Tradestation froze on me.
  5. dealmaker


    Has anyone traded on Blackwood Pro?
  6. pacific7


    Ya , I'm trying to get used to Sterling and it is very weak.
  7. I have acces to both Sterling and LightSpeed. I don't particularly like sterling but if it gets the job done for you it's about .0005/shr cheaper to execute trades.(for me anyway)

    I love and use LS for most of my trading. It's a great platform. I trade remotely from home office and I never have a problem.
  8. Anvil.
  9. I traded on Anvil for 6 years. LS is almost exactly the same.
    I had allot of problems with anvil vpn. And Anvil often had crossed qoutes.

    I like LightSpeed MUCH better for remote trading. You can filter out all the crossed (bad) qoutes

    And there customer service from LS is MUCH better as well.
  10. pacific7


    Reversion, who do you trade for? I really like lightspeed as well. So much better than Sterling.. I'm not so sure Sterling is worth the lower price.
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