Platforms... A hard choice!

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    Hello friends!
    I am new to this forum, so hi to you all and keep up the great work!:)

    Now I have a question here...

    First of all, I am quite new to trading, saw some sites, read some articles, but still a hell lot of questions and inclarities remainig...

    The most uncertain thing for the time being is which platform to choose for trading?

    Prefferably a free one, not internet-based, with good user-interface, simple and simply pleasant to work with?

    Not bad of a demand, eh? :cool:

    I tried out MetaTrader 4, which really left a pleasant aftertaste...

    Is there anything as good, or should I stick to that soft?

    I would really apreciate your help!

  2. What broker are you using?

    What exactly are you looking to have the software do?

    QuoteTracker can be used with lots of them, and quite popular if I say so myself :)
  3. ki6ania


    Dear j_medved,

    I used InterbankFX, NorthFinance, Forex.Com, and still planing on to test FXCM.

    I am looking to connect Auto trading experts, be safe, and also have a good interface.

    I am not a pro yet, so I don't need even half of the technical featueres for the time being. But it is never late to lear, that is if it is simple to use!

    Thank's for the advise regarding QuoteTracker, I will have a glance!


  4. I see - So you are looking for something that will work with Forex. QuoteTracker will work, though you would need a datafeed that supports Forex, which unless you have EFX Group or IB accounts, is going to raise the price a bit :). IQFeed and eSignal have Forex data available that can be used with QuoteTracker.
  5. FXCM I personally had issues with. It appears they "manipulate" the feed sometimes. The platform also forces you to have wide stops, and practically forces you to trade longer term.

    So if you are trying to scalp or do quick trades, FXCM is not for you.

    I can't really comment on anything else, but I did like Dealbook FX and Metatrader.
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