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  1. What platform do you use for your automated system?

    I currently trade with Realtick and I am looking into automation.
  2. As I wrote in another thread -its almost impossible to do any serious automated trading withouth using a realtime tick data annd real-time quotes.
    Most platforms use "bars" etc.
    Chances are there aren't any to use.

    Solution:: your broker/trading platform provides an API, or at least a trading protocol.
    You get developers (hire or contract - we work with a specialized contracting firm) - and they build to your needs.
  3. I have already developed a platform for manual and automatic trading which can use tick data if you like, but bars are also possible. Furthermore I’m the developer and can add features you’re missing. You can give it a try – it’s free:
  4. tickzoom is built entirely and only to support automated trading. It might not be right for you for other reasons but it's the only system that seriously only uses tick data for that reason.

    In fact, users insisted on tickzoom supporting bar data for faster historical testing that tick data. So it was engineered to convert bars back into ticks and fill in "missing" ticks based on orders.

    In other words, the data engine internally always works and is tested to run seamlessly both in real time live and historical.

    It has almost zero support for doing anything manually like drawing on charts for example...but you have easy tools to allow just about any drawing from your strategies and indicators.

  5. Cool. By the way, TickZoom is commicial open source, which means it's open source but definitely not free.

    I applaud your efforts Daniel. Is it open source?
  6. Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your applause! :) Yes I know the licensing of TickZoom, always read the threads. :)

    TradeProject is not open source; it is free as binary without any limitations.

    Problems here were:
    - It is developed in native C++/MFC and it is difficult to find developers spending time for that (I even didn’t find someone checking the language – as you will recognize: English is not my first language)

    - I’m afraid that I need more time to manage the project that it will need to develop new functions or make some bug fixes? (Not sure…)

    - I use a 3rd party-library for some parts of the UI. That could not be made open source, I have to rewrite the part to use the BGC code.

    Main point for me is to have a nice Trading-Application that really makes fun (at least to me) and where I can spend some time to relax from job.