Platform that can scan for point C pivot trades

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Autospreader, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. I am looking for a platform that can alert me when a fisher point C pivot trade occurs for a specific set of commodities currently i mark those levels after IB and set alerts is this the best way or can I easily automate that ?
  2. I take that it's not a popular indicator, I have not even heard of it lol

    yes, definitely easy to automate on any platform. but price to get hired help may not be worthwhile. weigh your opportunity costs. if you have too many instruments & tend to miss setups, then paying a few 100s is worthwhile. then again, there's a problem of getting good programmers while protecting your ideas

    if you seek exactly this indicator, which is public knowledge, I'm sure it is probably available if you look harder on popular platforms like mt4. you can also explore pulling real time data into excel & calculate your levels. ib offers this service. this is prob the easiest solution to your query
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    The point C that I am aware of is C = .15 * ATR. That is easily coded in any of numerous stand alone or broker charting programs that permits custom programming (e.g., Metastock, TradingView, eSignal, TradeStation, MultiCharts, ThinkorSwim, etc.).