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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jpmtrader, Jun 7, 2009.

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    My brokerage house was sold to a larger firm and the individual broker who I used has decided to go independant as an IB. I have decided to go with him. He is going to clear with Vision Financial Markets and they currently offer 6 platforms; Ninja Trader, R-Trader, Trademaven, Vision Advantage, Visionxpress and Strategy Runner. I have not experienced any of these.

    I am currently a position trader, future and options only, 40K acct. size, 10 to 12 trades a month. I use a charting only platform separate from a trading platform to update daily charts.

    I would probably stay away from Ninja Trader and Trademaven as they seem geared to day traders and have a monthly charge. The four others have no monthly charge and one, Visionxpress has no transaction costs.

    Has anyone here had experience with any of these platforms? If so, can you share any thoughts, and while were at it has anyone used Vision Financial Markets? If so, again please share your thoughts

    Good trading