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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Drew07, Mar 5, 2007.

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    I'm looking at opening an account with global futures but their free platforms dont offer charting. Are there good free platforms out there that are compatible with this broker? I'm not highly particular on specifics since I'm not dealing with a large amount of money right now, as long as I can do basic TA stuff then I'll be happy. I'd hate to dish out 50-100 bucks a month on something when I don't plan on using it full time. Thanks for any advice.
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    ...NinjaTrader version 6 offers numerous Trade Analytics as well as a Market Replay feature that allows you to simulate trading against pre-recorded live market data. They offer both a simulated version and a live version on a trial basis free of charge. You can find more info from their site, which also lists brokers whom support their product:
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    How much does futuresource costs with CME eminis? couldn't find in their web site... can you chart stocks as well?
  4. A good charting platform is going to cost you. I have not found free charting I can live with yet. Have you looked at IRT?
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    Something similar to IRT would be right up my alley. I don't need anything too fancy. How do I know if something is compatible with global futures?
  6. I only use the EOD data which is free if you click the charts icon on the home page. It has several indicators you can apply to the charts also. I don't use any so I'm not sure how they would work for you.

    I use for charting stocks. It has free EOD data and you can also annotate the charts as well.

    Both the sites I recommended are free if your trying to save your money.
  7. Open E cry offers free charts, free Dom, competitive rates and has a good reputation. Worth checking them out.
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    Interesting you bring that up. I used their demo and really liked it. However I'm not able to put up the 5k to open an account(hence the attraction to global futures). I really only want to start with about half of that. Assuming that there are no fees for dipping below a certain balance what do you think would happen if I deposited 5k , then immediately withdrew 2500 and traded with the remaining 2500? good idea or no?

  9. Iit is never a good idea to trade with even 5K unless you really know what you are doing. My advice, get another 2.5K and open an account stress free, then have iron discipline and pray that the market will like you.

    What is so nice about Open e cry is that you get free charts, decent DOM, fast fills, decent fees and very good customer service. I would give them a call... once you get that 5K together
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