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  1. I was highly recommended The ProTrader Trading Platform.

    Here you can find out

    What have you heard of this ? or worked with it?

    Awaiting your response
  2. Never heard of it.

    What are you looking to do personally?
  3. well, i was told it's quite good for automated trading. Did you follow the link? can you give me your opinion???
    will appreciate
  4. Like I said, I've never heard of it. I haven't personally used the software. I can't really garner much from the site.

    What are you trying to accomplish though? Something simple / advanced..? I could / others point you in the right direction.
  5. Well, i am just a beginner. and i'm trying to start my activity as a broker, what else, well and i'm looking for software, maybe you could give me advice in general for my next steps
  6. I'm not sure I understand fully. You want to be a broker? Do you mean you want to get an account with a brokerage firm?

    If you are a total beginner something like that IMO wouldn't suit you well.

    It would probably be best if you first tried something like ThinkOrSwim, which I haven't used myself, but have heard it is very user friendly for beginners.

    Also, I don't believe the link you provided also gives you access to a data feed / historical data for backtesting purposes. I believe TOS will give you this. Perhaps others on the website could back this up / provide more information.

    If I were you I would try this first.

    I believe it is very "point & click" for automated trading. I must warn you though, backtesting results will most likely vary from real trading. There is a whole library of information on this though you can find on the internet.

    Honestly if I were you, and of course I have no idea of your previous knowledge, I wouldn't risk a dime for at least 1-3 years and would devote a handful of hours a day to studying. Anything less and you will be donating to the coffers of JPM and friends.

    Good luck, you will need it.
  7. Thank you very much
    I really appreciate your response

    Good luck to you too
  8. Loki45


    If you look for a broker, IMO the "best" one (whatever that is) depends on what you want to trade. I found the following:

    For options, it's TOS (far better software than anything else I tried)

    for stocks, it's IB (good platform and low commissions)

    for futures, it's important to pick a broker who supports ZenFire data stream, because data is the most important issue (in day trading and scalping)

    Also, you may want to check out this:

    Good luck
  9. IMO you get what you pay for. Their "Free" option only works with very few retail brokers and mostly in the Forex space. It does say there is a subscription service but there is no pricing. I also could not find any technical manuals or data feed compatability lists.

    If you are going to trade on a retail platform just code directly to your broker without the headache of a 3rd party software overlay. Especially one that's free.
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