platform most similar to Anvil?

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  1. To people who have had experience with these platformsm

    Which is the platform that is most similar to Anvil.

    Lightspeed or LaseR?

    I am considering either of these.
  2. I think LightSpeed
  3. i've never used lightspeed....but laser is not like anvil.. anvil is built off of hammer. so hammer is most similar to anvil. blackwood is also built from hammer, but it's shitty platform.
  4. I've used all 3 - anvil, lightspeed and laser. lightspeed is more similar to anvil.
  5. The engine of Laser is more similar to Anvil than to Lightspeed; Lightspeed looks more like Anvil.
  6. Anvil is the most customizable by FAR(color,font size,columns).
    Anvil also has more bells and whistles than either of the 2 and those are much more customizable as well.
    Another great feature with Anvil is the main bar at the top where your login info is . you can fully customize that as well; dow average,dow futures naz and s&p; price of gold oil ect... you can also adjust the spacing,lines,the font size and also delete items that are on there by default. its a great platform and by far the best.

    Light Speed is a nice looking platform but is very basic(reliable and fast but very basic. for example,you cannot adjust the main bar at all,in fact you cannot even move it or delete or add items.
    the only real extra they have is the "gainers" which is'ny very customizable(limited.
    another downfall is when you shut down your platform you cannot keep an order live no matter what. Anvil lets yopu do whatever you like.
    oneBIG possitive with Light Speed is the short list. this is much better than assent.
    also,the light speed charts seem to have alot of tails(bad ticks) which can make technicals a bit tricky sometimes.

    Laser is fast as well. again,it is limited in the ability to customize their platform(no colors) just boring grey all over the place.
    the market maker box cannot be customized;for example,moving the volume or high/low in different places whereas assent you can with no problem. laser is very good but they need to add some colors and make each box customizable. its a very good platform.
  7. I love effin assent!!!!!!!!!
  8. speedboy


    WRONG...The actual Anvil front end is not built from Hammer..not even close.
    Also..Hammer was actually built from Blackwood...long long time ago.
    Anvil and Hammer were just two softwares used by Andover and then Assent at the same time back in the day.
  9. I'm not really sure why people talk about how important speed is, especally when they are manual trading.

    I run an API and speed still doesn't even have an effect on my expected value per trade
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