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  1. I have been having a serious problem with platform lag and freezing. I have tried gfx, mg, and now with fxdd. Even with fxdd I have my cpu freezing and requotes due to platform lag durring high volitility.

    I have a dell insperon 1100 2.5 gig intel pentium processor, and 640 megs of ram. and a 20 gig hard drive. And broad band connection.I know its not top notch but should be more than enough to trade with right?
    I have all other aplications closed. My normal cpu usage durring low volitivity is 1-2%. But when the price starts moving cpu usage spikes to 100% and if its a big rapid move like durring news my cpu freezes completly. Some times it runs out of virtual memory and crashes.

    Does any one else have this problem?

  2. here is a screen shot of this mornings activity.
  3. It sounds like you need more memory (your processor is plenty fast). Fortunately, it's cheap and easy to add. Unfortunately, your system can only hold 1 GB. If you currently have 640 MB, then you probably have a 512 and a 128 in your two available slots. You can swap out the 128 for another 512 to bring it up to the max (cost you around $50).

    You can also try increasing the size of your Windows paging file (this might be a better first step than buying memory). There was a recent ET post on how to do this, or you can check Windows help.

    Just make sure you know exactly how your memory chips are currently configured before you go shopping (what's the count and size of modules in there currently, how many open slots, etc.). Also, be absolutely sure that the speed of the new memory is compatible with your system. It might also be worth the extra $5-$10 to buy memory that Dell says will work with your system (rather than buying third-party).

    From the 1100 manual...

    Memory module connector 2 user-accessible SODIMM sockets
    Memory module capacities 64, 128, 256, and 512 MB
    Memory type 2.5-V DDR SODIMM
    Standard memory 128 MB
    Maximum memory 1 GB
    Memory access time: clock speed 266 MHz
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    Have to disagree here. Looking at his Task Manager - Performance tab, neither physical memory nor virtual memory (paging file) size could have anything to do with that issue. Take a look at the Peak figure: 499,196 KB. That's less than physical memory of 653,652 KB. Increasing either physical or virtual memory would not help.

    xxDavidxsxx, which process (on the Processes tab) is responsible for the CPU usage spike? Also, have your cleared your Java cache lately and is it up to date (JRE 1.5.0 07)?

    You might want to ask the mods to move this thread to the Software or Hardware forum, for better results. For example, see this thread for some ideas:
  5. it is the fxdd meta3 platform. I have nothing running in the background either. I shut down all non essential things in processes windows.
    I increased the paging file size to the max my cpu will allow (4096mb). This has helped alot but still get some 5-10 sec delay in cpu responce. Wich is horrible.
    I think it could be whatever video card is in it.

    thanks for your input guys.

  6. I think I agree with you (I wrote my post before I saw OP's second message w/ screenshot).
  7. maybe you have a computer virus. Get a free virus scan or a adware remover scan.
  8. This has nothing to do with hardware, it's caused by the fx broker/s.
  9. Oh my! They would never do that?
  10. totaly cause the demo don't do it
    and not every broker live platform either.

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