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  1. It seems that most existing DOM based trading platforms are designed for scalpers instead of intraday swing/position traders. My trading style is to alway fade the market (when the market goes up I gradually add short positions and vice versa. Sometimes I may do some very short term scalping against my counter trend core positions. I never use stop orders and set predefined target prices, instead I use carefully selected entry prices and position sizes to control the risk and manipulate the winning/loss ratio. With such trading style, I have to explicitly track the entry price, size, P/L of each open counter trend core position and each scalping position and manually close them explicitly. The only front end software I found which allows me keep both long and short positions at same time and explicitly close them individually is buttontrader. However it uses a five column grid to track each open position, which seems too fancy for me and it is hard to know how many positions are open and what are their entry prices, sizes and P/L with a glance. In my opinion, a simple order management window in which each row tracks an open position is good enough. Does anyone know which brokerage company's platform provide similar order management features I just described? How much do you expect it costs to hire someone to write a relatively simple front end to achieve the above features? Programmers are welcome to PM me. Any information or advice is greatly appreciated.

    -- Clearpicks
  2. At some point you will divide the issues into two parts and run them independently.

    You, also at that time, get the kicker of two feeds for corroboration.

    It is my belief that most of the monitoring can be reduced when you do sufficiency tests on just what you need to know at what time.