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  1. Imba


    Hello guys :) Can you please advise me to take a look at some eaxct trading terminal which may fulfull my needs please.

    Here is the deal.

    I trade (intraday\shortterm bias) a few instruments at once. Mostly ES, CL, GC, Euro\Usd and few other currencies.

    Well im fine when i have 1-2-3 opened positions at once, but is some nice sell on buy signals goes from a lot of instruments, and i jump onto the market, very soon i`ll catch myself onto some trouble.

    For example, is my opened positions list looks like that:
    CL short on XX price
    ES short on XX price
    e6 long on XX price
    GC short on XX price.....etc.

    i have 2 problems.

    Little problem #1.

    My actual trading station (NinjaTrader) is quite unfriendly to an overall PnL opened positions calculations. So, basicly i need to take colculator or Excel or colculate overall PnL of all opened posions manually. gay thing really (((

    2nd.... BIG problem.
    Is a money management.

    For example again, we have 4 opened positions on different instruments:

    ES -627$
    CL +9100$
    E6 -27$
    GC +57$

    mkay... grab a calculator.... count an overall PnL...oohh jeez while i was calculation, the market run away again )

    So, closer to the deal of possible automated money management UI.

    Is there any trading platform, on which i can involve such fully automated trading EXITS?


    IF: overall PnL on all opened posisiton reach XXXX cash To do: go flat on ALL positions.


    IF: overall PnL on all opened positions reach -XXXX lose (cash)
    TO do: go flat on all positions.

    So, in another words its like ussual Take-profit\stop-losses order, but in a way of usin in on whole portfolio (all opened positions overall)? Any ideas which trading platform may do that?

    The best way, if the platmorm do have such options by defauld. The lesser way, well.. at least in which platform its the easyes way to program such "exit strategy" ?

    ANy ideas? Thoughts? Advices?
  2. imba, you can do that on tradelink pretty easily... eg:

    public class MyResponse :ResponseTemplate 
    PositionTracker pt = new PositionTracker();
    void GotTick(Tick k)
       // ignore quotes
       if (!k.isTrade) return;
       // get openpl
       decimal opl = SumOpenPl(k);
       // do trading rules
       if (opl>ProfitPLTarget) 
         foreach (Position p in pt)
    decimal SumOpenPl(Tick k)
     decimal opl = 0;
     foreach (Position p in pt)
        opl += Calc.OpenPL(,p);
     return opl;

    free and open source trading.
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  4. which vendors are you interesting in?
  5. Imba


    well, i really dont care) I need an exact functionality. And i dont care which platform will suit me )

    TradeLink which was recommender above.... sounds quite interesting really. But the brokers list allowed.. is quite short.
    Sterling Technologies (Echo, Cyber Trader, etc)
    Assent (used without permission of Assent, this site is not affiliated with or endorsed by Assent)
    A virtual broker for trading outside of market hours
    TD Ameritrade

    BETA support (let us know if you can test these brokers)
    MB Trading

    But i`ll think about it closely )
  6. look thru the list here -

    or ask them at their forum...
  7. Imba


    guys! huuuge thanks to everyone! )))

    was really helpful info. At least now i see few possible ways to move on ))

  8. Imba,

    Check this out:
  9. Your least expensive application/broker combination for those instruments will be IB *by a mile*.

    Just put all those on a single page and make sure you have a column to update P/L for that page and you have a mini portfolio P/L.

    There are many way and many software packages to accomplish what you want. It depends mainly on what broker you use and instruments you trade.

    Some packages handle *everything*. They're truly "multi-asset".

    For example, Japanese stocks, UK CFD's, Russian currency, CL, etc, etc.

    But some of these programs can run as high as $1000/mo. ++

    IB in comparison, is free.