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  1. Hello fellow traders,

    so far I've been a part time trader with a couple of PC's and datek/ameritrade/IB trading as brokers. I used and evaluated a couple of tools like instaquote, qcharts. I now want to go "Pro", with a full fledged trading platform. I've read most information on this site and checked out the info.
    My "profile": trading mostly stocks (nasdaq) and also (occasionally) stocks in Paris (I'm living in France, but I'm Dutch).
    average 4-5 trades a day. 1000 shares. Good support is crucial to me.

    Questions :

    broker/platform: I am doubting between esignal and TS7. which ones do you recommend? why?

    Hardware: I'm doubting between 4 * 17" or 3*19" LCD screens. What's your opinion? What graphics card do you recommend? I had planned 1Gb RAM. Enough? P4. Any other recommendations highly appreciated. Good and reliable HW vendors that deliver (or are located) in EUrope? Are there vendors that sell complete trading systems (dual or quad) "out of the box"?

    OS: I had planned running on XP Pro. Ok?

    Is it still usefull to continue with Qcharts if I have any of the two platforms mentioned above?


    TFD (The Flying Dutchman) from sunny south of France

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