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  1. Any Plasma TV fans here? I currently have an LCD tv but lately I'm getting the itch for something a little bigger (42" LCD). I've noticed Plasma prices coming down nicely (I really like the Panasonic line).

    Can anyone chime in here with some guidance? Also my LCD is only 720P (don't watch blu ray) but I'm thinking it's time for a 1080P maybe (if the price is right)...

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    FWIW, plasmas are being phased out by many manufacterers.
  3. Yes I have heard that also (probably why they keep coming down in price). But I keep hearing great things about better contrast, better blacks, and no motion pixelation with fast moving stuff (sports, etc). Just looking for some real world experience.

    Surely some 'elitetraders' here have some nice TV's :)

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    Neither. Organic LED's are the future.

    BTW, Sony phased out its line of plasmas a few years ago. I think that should tell you all you need to know about plasmas.
  5. i heard the same thing oled are the way forward. they are a bit away though.

    in the short term get lcd plasma lamps burn out and they can get burns on them. when an image displays it can burn it onto the screen. lcd is better and plasma will go soon.
  6. Mines LCD, what I've read about plasma is that the screens are reflective but the contrast is better. Mounting it near a window its said will have esp. reflective images showing up. Just saying.
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    If you have a fairly dark room, a good plasma will be better for watching sports and action type things. For almost any other situation, though, lcd is better.
  8. Just bought the new Samsung LED LCD 57".

    Picture is by far the nicest I have ever seen.

    If you're looking for a regular plasma vs. LCD comparison it's simple-

    Plasma picture is much better, but if the room has alot of sunlight or alot of lamps/lights go with LCD.

    Good luck.
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    Everybody stopped making plasmas. They weigh too much and use an excessive amount of electricity . there will be many sales on standard 1080p, 120 hz lcd's next yr as there are going to be laws passed re how much juice they can consume.

    The "smart" they're talking about in these appliances is tech that allows the smart grid , elec co, to shut your appliances down to a lesser usage level if they deem it neccessary. Big brother will be in your refer.
  10. If you can buy a new plasma at a good price, I would do it. I have two Panasonic plasmas. They have the second best picture I have ever seen, with the best picture costing 2X as much for the same size screen. I think they're discontinuing plasma because they cost more to produce, not because LCD has a picture advantage. If you read reviews on the net, you'll find a lot of folks agree.

    Eventually LCD or a similar technology will cost less and have a superior picture, but it's not there yet. The only LCD I have seen with the same picture size and quality costs 2 or 3 times as much.

    LCDs are lighter and use less electricity/produce less heat, though. Hasn't been an issue for me. They're still much lighter than my old 36" tube TVs and my TV stands don't seem to mind (they hang on the wall and swivel in all directions).
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