Plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals around day of Biden inauguration

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  1. do not go to is likely a false flag trap to start the process of gun confiscation..just like the raid on the capital...started by Antifa/BLM...gave them, in their minds, the right to do all this first amendment crap.
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  3. I've created threads way more non-political than this one that were dumped in the politics section
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    Traders minds must always be centered;
    they can't be extreme leftist or rightist.

    Traders wouldn't go to state capitals.

    Traders will be in trading houses/hubs/rooms looking for trading opportunities.
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    Can't believe this is in the "Economics" section. How is this related to "Economics"? LOL
  6. Moderators are watching Ohio State and Alabama?? Lol

    By the way I'll take Ohio State and the eight and a half points based on the fresh legs theory playing seven games versus twelve.

    that's probably stupid theory anyway cuz they're just kids so they don't need much recovery time
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  8. %%
    MAYBE, if its true + thats unlikely, for 50 states; many staters dont put up with riots like left coast does.
    Perfect example of terrible risk ratio.\; dumb trade of the decade.
    IF they really meant that, why do an advance ad on it??
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    Exactly, sit comfortably at home & #Trustheplan
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