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  1. OK everyone... I'm in the office dealing with some of my top traders, and what they do that makes then so profitable. Of course, I respect their privacy, and cannot share any specifics.... but want to plan another free online workshop.

    And, after all these years, aren't you guys sick of all the hyperbole and bs from these online marketers? Maybe even me, I really don't know.... so, I want to share a few things, believe them or not.

    (And, Hitnrun, Maverick, etc. go ahead and take your best shot, LOL).

    Just hit 62, had my brother's BD yesterday (72)... we played ping pong, skee ball, arcade basketball, and pool in his game room.... I didn't win a damn thing...stupid young people, LOL.

    But, I am feeling a bit better from last year, and have rewarded myself with a present.


    Got it cheap, having a horrible time getting it picked up and delivered however. Stay tuned....hope to make it to "Hot August Nights" in Reno this year.

    Anyway.... I'm going full bore into some new stuff. Just added a app _ check it out... we will have audio pre-market stuff from our experts... and PLEASE help me with all this. Give me critics of what YOU GUYS would like to see there. I Have not gone public with this yet, but am hoping to in a couple of weeks.

    Trading info, pivots, premarket info from my guys, etc. Let me know.

    And.... more help from you guys... what would you like to see from my expert traders? I want to plan a couple of webinars for everyone to watch.... help me out.

    All the best,

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    Games are for kids. I recommend call girls.
  3. Actually... well, never mind, this is a public board, LOL

  4. 500 cubes 8.2 litre.

    so a guy in a 74 caddy rolls into the gas station for fuel.

    the attendant comes out and starts to fill the tank

    10 minutes later he is still pumping, so he goes up to the driver's side window and says........

    " Sir, can you please turn off the motor, your gaining on me.............:) "

  5. Don wrote ""what would you like to see from my expert traders?""

    Their idea of a very good pullback entry entering with trend on a 5 Min OHLC chart of TF, ES, or NQ using a 9 and a 20EMA.
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    How about those FREE subs to TASC you used to give us?

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    hey don , since you requested

    I thought the moo & moc orders is where all your top traders made the money with bright
    You have more strategies that make money ? tell us more

    If you want your traders to make more money maybe you can charge 2012 commissions

    that will never happen , no wonder you can afford a new fancy car lol.
  8. Yeah, I hear that.... max about 2,000 miles per year I'm guessing.

  9. Our top guys aren't really TA types, but I will ask around. Thanks for the feedback...

  10. We have several strategies, and our commish is right in line with the top firms. To prove this, I called Echo and Generic in the last month. The average, for a serious trader is about 35 cents, with full ECN rebates back to the trader. And, You know that is where the real pricing is, right?

    50 max., 25 for over 1000 shares. Drop to 40/25 at 500k shares;

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