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  1. I'll need to replace the Dell desktop I have now -- five years old running XP -- within the next few moths. I want a desktop, Windows 7, capacity to run four monitors even though I only use two now.. Nothing fancy. I trade only ES & NQ and rarely have more than a handful of charts open at once.

    My wife recently bought a Dell i5 laptop and although the machine is great she had some software problems and nearly became suicidal after dealing with their Indian support people. It was ENDLESS, incompetent and superficially polite.

    First if anyone has any comments on what I should buy I would appreciate the advice but even more importantly I seem to remember someone suggesting if you by from Dell business you get American support to call. Is that true?

    Is there an alternate to Dell that has American customer service? The level of Dell's Indian outsource is pitiful ... but unfortunately it is the customer that must be pitied.
  2. Notebooks/laptops always seem to have quirk or two.

    I believe that if you buy any Dell from their BUSINESS line of computers you'll get American support. I know for fact that if you buy a computer from the Dell Precision line, you get top-notch, American support... not that you'll need much/any such help.. they are very good, quality machines. (I've had 6 Precisions in my home network for the last 5 years or so...including an M4300 notebook.... all run smooth as a gravy sandwich.)

    If you go with Dell, check out their Outlet website. All computers from there carry the same warranty as new.
  3. Thanks for the instant response!!

  4. Anyone want to comment on what I should buy?
  5. You should build your pc from parts on any of the big computer web pages. New egg, amazon, ebay, tiger-direct, compusa -Windows 8 is coming shortly.

    What is your annual pnl?
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  7. Dell's spec page doesn't state how many or what kind of peripheral slots on the mobo. In the past, the XPS has had only 1, pciex16 slot. That's good for 2 monitors with a dualhead video card, or perhaps 4 monitors with a quad card.

    If you want to run more than 2 monitors, you should probably call Dell and ask them how many x16 slots the mobo has.
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    Thanks for the info
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    I had nothing but excellent support from Dell. When you verify your Dell account information, you'll gain access to customized support for your system from the moment you plug it in.
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    Dell is good i must say, can you imagine if a trading firm gave the same support, that will be a day ever to be seen.
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