Planets Figure in Your Strategy?

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    Norm 'calls 'em to the minute' Winski
  2. Lemme say this about that. It would be HIGHLY desirable and valuable to have some confidence in a play to "know"? about an upcoming market turn event, astro or otherwise.

    However.. I've been on the prospects list for Marc Rose of "Rosecasts" for the last couple of years. He's always touting (in retrospect) about how well he's done and then sometimes makes a call to "see for myself" about upcoming astro events.

    Going into June 18, he was ~"0-for-20-ish" on the calls he sent me. (I didn't keep a written log... just seems like there have been about 20... and so far, 100% wrong. Amazing to get a string of "20 anything"... let alone wrong market calls.) His last one, in June, he made 5 calls... 2 of them for one day... (both wrong), and the important one for a "turn after Op-Ex"... didn't say which direction... which could be correct so far as long as one presumes the turn to be "down" and not an acceleration upwards.)

    So... that now makes him ~1-for-25 for real-time calls he's sent to me.

    Personally, I'd want to see at least 3 months of real-time calls* before I'd pay any of those astro forecasters a penny.


    *Rose and other "purveyors of supposed market acumen" are really "missing the marketing boat on this". They should be giving away their recs real-time for 3-6 months. All they have to do is add email addresses to their send-out list... sure some people might make some money off of it for free, but it won't cost the purveyor anything... and if their service is actually good, prospects will recognize the worth of the info and will subscribe to the service.
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    Picture1.jpg I would guess Astro Advisor, Astro Trading, Astrology for Gann Trades, Belkhayate Lab, Galactic Trader, Investing by the Stars, Magi Society, Moon Connection, Trading Harmonically with the Universe and Storm Chaser Tech would agree with planet something. but check with Cosmic Intelligence Agency first.
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