Planar LCDs... anybody use 'em??

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Aug 18, 2003.

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    No local retail outlets carry them, but they appear to have good prices... and as they make a "medical" line and commercial applications, I presume they are also quality?

    Anybody have some of the 19"ers? Recommendations, please.

  2. Seems like you already have quite a bit of info on PLANAR.
    What gives?


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    New Planar 19" LCD...
    PE 190, called their "value" line... might be good for traders.
    1. No frills. No USB, pivot, or speakers... analog only
    2. 600:1, 300 nits, 1280 x 1024, 25ms
    3. Thin bezel


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    Been looking for 3 19" LCD's to replace my CRTs.... On paper, Planar looks good, but is not carried by Best Buy or their ilk... Warranty and deal pixel policy seems top notch. I've never seen one in person. Wondering if other ETers have them and how they like 'em. (My wife is in medical field. I asked her if they have any Planars at the hospital... says "doesn't sound familiar" ... all I've seen there are NECs.)
  4. I bought two of the 19" LCD Planars about a year ago and have had trouble free performance. At the time I bought them for about $600 each off of eBay - they were retailing for over $800 at the time. I got the version that has stereo speakers, DVI and analog inputs, etc.

    I believe you can find Planar monitors at several online stores including CDW, etc.

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    Planar has a dozen online outlets... but I don't know where to see one on display. How do you like yours... brightness, sharp display, etc??
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    OH, you thoght I was shilling for Planar. Nope, just asking for my own use. All I "know" about Planar comes from their website.
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    I bought 2 Planar PV-174 (17.4" screen) last summer. They have analog and digital hookups and the screens look great to me. Bright and sharp. One reason I bought was the good replacement policy.

    I'd buy them again.
  8. I use Planar monitors, no complaints here.

  9. I have no complaints. Excellent brightness and sharpness - also wide angle of view.

    Are there better monitors out there?? I'm sure there are but at the time these monitors had similar or better numbers (brightness, etc) than much more expensive monitors.

    Would I buy Planar again - definitely - if they were the best buy balancing quality, features and money.
  10. I haven't seen a PLANAR MONITOR in person, but it is certainly a nice tuch that they also provide the DVI cable with your purchase.

    I wish other monitor companies were so generous!
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