"Plan of Attack" on 60 Minutes

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  1. Bob Woodward and his book, "Plan of Attack" will be featured on 60 Minutes this Sunday in which he reveals that President Bush told Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to "Get me Saddam" and develop a war plan just 72 days after 911.

    NSA Condi Rice and CIA Director George Tenet were kept in the dark as long as possible. VP Cheney became a steamroller behind the plan, so much so that Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed his belief that Cheney was develping an "unhealthy fixation" on Iraq.

    In the end, Bush meets with Director Tenet and Deputy Director John McLaughlin. Both men go onto "assure" Bush that Iraq possesses WMD. The presentation includes "flip-charts" of satellite images. Bush is unimpressed. He remarks that the photos were "not gripping enough, not compelling enough" and that the presentation was a "flop".

    Director Tenet then tells the President, "Don't worry . . . it's a slam-dunk."

  2. So much for Nation-State Building.
  3. i haven't seen anything on the white house's reaction to the book, and since woodward quotes bush speaking to him, what's the deal???
  4. By William Hamilton in today's Washington Post:

    In two interviews with Bob Woodward in December, Bush minimized the failure to find the WMD, expressed no doubts about his decision to invade Iraq, and enunciated an activist role for the United States based on it being "the beacon for freedom in the World."

    "I believe we have a duty to free people," Bush told Woodward. "I would hope we wouldn't have to do it militarily, but we have a duty."

    Asked by Woodward how history would judge the war, Bush replied: "History. We don't know. We'll all be dead."

    How profound.
    I'm still wondering why we haven't freed Cuba yet.
    Oh I forgot, Israel isn't anywhere in the vicinity and there isn't any oil there. My bad.