Plan for a new collapse - the connections

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  1. -I read the article about them wallstreet packaging life insurance into financial derivatives- people who die early means more money to them

    -swine flu appearance earlier 2009. it is well known fact spanish flu in 1918 was an agressive version of a weaker flu ealier, weak like the swine flu we had now


    Somebody is engineering another economic AND governmental collapse! What happens when both genocide and financial crisis occurs!!

    You heard it first on EliteTrader

    Only wildcard is Obama, is he with them or against them
    He says he wants universal healthcare. How does that fit in the plan... hmmm

    Also the carbon tax might be a red herring...
  2. Obama is the lynchpin. That's why he's been allowed to get away with the eligibility and stonewalling information CRAP!
  3. who is it this time. when i was young it was the Trilateral Commission that was controling world events. who is it today?
    is that what you learn in college today? crackpot conspiricy theories?
  4. The Rothschilds, as usual.:eek: :eek:
  5. Whats more interesting is all these swine flu vaccinations that are going to start in october. I would not put it past these corporations that they could inject a vaccine into you(which technically injects swine flu into you) but having it so the incubation period is much longer than normal. Maybe 1-2 years. Then when insurance policies are sold, the financial community looks to see if you have been vaccinated on your records. If you have, they buy your life insurance knowing you will get swine flu and depending on your age and what your chances of actually dying from swine flu, they can pay you out.

    As for the health care reform, I imagine mandatory vaccinations or you lose tax credits for not getting them, or if you are the richer people, you pay more for not gettign them.

  6. You need to do your homework. he is actually telling the truth. This is no conspiracy theory it is fact!

  7. I think your right on with your analysis.
    stock up on ammo, canned food and have a preplanned exscape route. don't take the flue shot. RESIST!!!!
  8. The Bush family's blood line is linked to the Queen of England who turns out to be Zionist Jews from Germany called Saxe-Coburg-Gotha...links to Nazi's etc. Take a look at Project Paperclip where the US brought all the Nazi's scientists and officers over to continue their work...So basically WWll never ended just got transferred...This is why the President's don't care for the people cause they work for the Queen!
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  10. Hilarious thread.
    Thanks, fellas, I'll need a bit of entertainment these next few days.
    Onion-worthy stuff. Truly!
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