plan B: Ask citizens for a loan

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  1. OAKRIDGE, Ore. – Oakridge is facing a serious cash shortage after its bank statement showed the City had $420,000 less than planned, prompting a city planning commissioner to solicit private loans from citizens.

    "....considered it an option to keep the City from defaulting on its payments and going into bankruptcy."

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    Scene: City Treasurer's Office
    Time: Early Afternoon
    Characters: Blonde buxom City Clerk Betty Lou sports a fuzzy pink sweater and is doing her nails. Treasurer Donald Pendergrass is chatting on a 900 number. Mailman Cliff enters stage left and immediately walks up to Betty Lou.

    "Hi Betty Lou. Sorry you couldn't make it last night, we could have had a lot of fun. But your hair does look nice today."

    "Cliff, you are so sweet. Let's try again next week. Got something for me today?"

    Cliff turns red, hands her the mail and leaves without a word.

    Betty Lou opens the mail, then draws a confused expression. "Bunny, the bank says we are overdrawn. How can that be? I still have checks left."

    "Betty Lou! In the office and in public it's Mr. Pendergrass! Not Bunny Rabbit! But anyway, whattaya mean overdrawn? How can we be overdrawn?"

    "I guess I forgot to enter the check I paid to the bar across the street - you know, the one with no windows that you go to all the time? Anyway, they brought your tab in and asked for a check immediately. What else could I do but write it for them?"

    "How much was it for, Betty Lou?"

    "500 grand."

    Donald sighs. "Same as last year, sheesh. Gave all that Dom to all those strip. . . errr. . . voters and never got a single damn vote! Well, there's only one course of action available - go ask the public for more money. Maybe if I upgrade the champagne I'll get lucky,"

    I mean, how do they suddenly discover "Woah @#*^! We're 420 large in the hole!"
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