Plagiarism! I been robbed!!

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  1. I quote from myself (

    Today, in the FT, we see this, from the appropriately named Clive Crook:

    The sequence is the same as mine. None of it is original; for instance, he could have mentioned the capital gains exclusion, whereby you are not taxed on the gain you might have made in the sale of your home, provided you buy another within a certain set period (don't remember the period, but I think it's something like a year).
    I think I have a case. What do you guys think?
  2. since none of us is a Hemingway, I'd finish off the 12 pack and hit the hay
  3. That he writes better'n me is:

    a) obvious, and
    b) beside the point.

    Although, I do have my Dewar's lined up in soldierly array over here...
  4. anything thrown on the www is fair game it seems..

    no one is immune
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    congrat on your 1m claim to fame.:D
  6. Yer just jealous...
  7. Well his name is Clive Crook, not Clive Honest.
  8. Send him an email, ask if he needs an assistant OR Maybe?? he'll forward a piece of news about something to be published that may be beneficial to you. Frankly, I'd mention it, not in a belligerent way, more in the tone of "whaz your et id?" "Maybe we know each other".:D
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    Sorry TreFoil,

    But you gave it to him to use free and clear. In case you forget, you might want to check the membership agreement for ET:
    Located here:

    In fact, based on that alone, someone could mine ET and come up with all sorts of trading books without having to do much actual work!
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