placing stop orders at a given time TS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by skan, Jul 20, 2009.

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    How can I place a stop that takes place at a given time in Tradestation?.
    For example I want to exit a position at 18:00 but I don't to calculate and send the order on that bar.
    I prefer to place it with an stop in order to avoid data feed problems. That way I don't need to be connected to the market when it's executed.
    Typical stops are placed at a given price, but I want mine to be placed at a gicen time.

  2. The only practical way with TradeStation is for you to sign up for a VPS or dedicated server subscription at a data center. Install TradeStation there so it can reliably remain connected 24/7.

    It still requires some baby sitting like restarting in mornings.

    Some small hedge funds use TS this way but it forces them to do a lot of manual work to manage their portfolios.

    For that reason they're converting to TickZoom to get a end-to-end automated solution that allows time-based and other types of trades.