Placing option orders through IB

Discussion in 'Options' started by leslloyd, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Just a newbie question,as I'm considering opening an IB account.I've downloaded the Demo,but say I've got an order for my phone broker as "buy the December 2010 Crude Oil (CLZ10) 90/95 call spread at 200 points ($2,000) or better, good till canceled (GTC).” how do IB do it on TWS,I'm aware IB don't do spreads.Also do they show an accurate margin amount on an order like this before committing.
  2. Yes IB does spreads. IB is the least expensive, most versatile broker anywhere. To get margin impact, just create an order line. Then before sending, right click for margin needed.


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    Thanks Wayne
    So they do spreads,phew!!!after going back thru these posts i was starting to have doubts about the final stage of funding my IB account.Ok i can relax,and i'll spend plenty of time on there Demo.
    all the bast
  4. If you want to trade futures, use a futures broker such as Infinity. Use IB for stocks and stop options.