Placing cash with Managed Funds

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  1. I am looking to reduce my cash position and am considering placing some of it with managed funds.

    Since I have never used MF before I would appreciate some assistance.
    However, here is where my thinking is so far.

    No stellar performances. Rather I need a smooth equity curve.

    The funds are offshore and I am a non US citizen.

    The fund needs to trade both sides (long & short)

    All fees must be clearly displayed. No gouging or unexpected charges.

    I hope this will get the ball rolling.
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    Both long and short positions call for some sort of a hedge fund.
    Mutual funds don't short.
  3. You may want to look at some of the managed funds that are backed up by a government agency. In Canada the Canadian Wheat board, CMHC and business development bank all have products with a AAA credit rating.
  4. Thank you Elit and zft, I will follow through on your comments.

    Is there anything more that you could kindly add to improve my homework?
  5. Thank you kicking, I will follow up
  6. Comon guys, I thought that you would all be a font of knowledge on this subject
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    I have a fund that is exactly what you described. It is called the "global growth fund", and I just started recently it with the help of a broker dealer.

    my track record in another private fund i had in the states is 32%yoy...which is why i was able to easily get corporate sponsorship.

    We use long and short equites and options.
    It is based in Costa Rica, and there are significant tax advantages when compared with US funds.

    minimum $50k investment makes for low cost entry.

    the comissions are 2% per year with a benchmark bonus comission. If we hit 10% growth annulaized there is a 20% charge for any growth over the 10% (as opposed to charging 20% on everything)

    the methodoglogy is very low risk and very simple with a massive focus on risk control. I am happy to shhre my risk control methodology with anyone.

    I am afraid you wont find any info on us online due to the way we have structured it under costa rican law. there are "public" and "private" funds here, and any type of advertising or promotion puts us in the "public" category...which has severe resictions.

    shoot me an email at if you would like more info.

  8. I don't know about elsewheres, but in Canada mutual funds can fall under a hedge fund classification so they can both short and use leverage. I should know since I manage one, heh.
  9. Well, I am learning!

    It appears US MF`s only allow a max of 30% shorting, which handicaps the performance.

    I dont want a hedge fund since they appear to be the wild west without a sherriff.

    So it is maybe Canada or an offshore base
    ie BVI, Panama etc.

    If this thread can grow legs it might be useful to a number of active traders.
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