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Discussion in 'Options' started by met1989, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. met1989


    when i place a spread i just put in the spread and see the credit or debit and i see where the mid or min point are and i go a little down or up
    is there a way to try to get a better price ?
  2. tommcginnis


    Yes, there is a way to get a better price.

    I will whisper it: When you sell, sell for a higher price. When you buy, buy for a lower price. Always.

    If you have any questions, pull up a DOM -- Depth Of Market -- and sit and watch it for a while. When you hear voices and can nearly *see* hand signals and commotion and scribbled trade sheets flying by, you'll be (maybe) ready to put some money to work. That same commotion goes on in the option market, just with fewer voices.
  3. met1989


    @tommcginnis i think this is the first time you answered me nicely.
    does think or swim have a this DOM?
  4. ironchef


    Place your limit order to buy at below mid and walk it up; place your limit order to sell above mid and walk it down. Hopefully you will get a better price then mid.
  5. met1989


    But it’s not possible to ever get filled way above the mid?
  6. kv1289


    It's possible to get filled at any price between the bid and ask. It just depends on how desperate the market maker is to transact with your order.
    In a situation where the market maker has on too much risk and your order helps offset that risk they might be happy to give up a few cents to mid to trade with you.
    On the other hand if your order adds to their already big risk you might be posting a price through the mid and still not get transacted.