Placing a dollar value on ET

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  1. $4.5M was offered earlier this year according to Baron. search ET for the thread
  2. Interesting. Given the disparity, I wonder how the valuation was arrived at. Which numbers did the sites noted in my earlier post get wrong or miss? Any guesses? As I mentiond earlier, I know nothing about Internet site valuations.
  3. I would say $4 to $5 million is a fair price for ET as it is now considering the massive income Baron gets from his advertisers. Those websites do not take into account his advertising income which it looks to me is around $75,000 per month give or take $20k
  4. Wouldn't it be a better approach to estimate the income from the sponsors on this site and base the value on that number ?
  5. Walmart's site was valued at 8 million and that is probably way too cheap.

  6. Here you can find what sponsors have to pay
  7. Wow. It looks those two valuation sites got it very wrong. Their numbers did seem suspiciously small but, as I noted more than once, I don't know how to value the site. I have no idea what actual ad revenues are, how consistent they have been, or the appropriate multiplier to use.
  8. Elitetrader is a rich forum/website.
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    the trick is to factor in the value for all the timely calls for the market topping
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