Places we would like to see revolution

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    1) Syria: Baby Assad is weak and his generals would overthrow gladly

    2) Venezuala: just another marxist dictatorship ripe for overthrow

    3) Mexico: it just ain't working, try a conservative path

    4) Africa: never mind, they are hopeless

    5) Iran: not too hopeful here but perhaps citizens will prevail

    6) California: burn baby burn

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  3. yesterday! :eek:
  4. Your trailer park. But then again, god sends you messages every hurricane season which you are so stupid to understand. "Stop the incest" would be a good unifying slogan for your guys.
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    I believe you mean "you're" trailer park. Its not the possessive instance its a contraction of "you are" you filthy semi-literate raghead.

    Give this a try, it might straighten out your atrocious english:
  6. You are too stupid, you cross eyed monkey, to understand what I’ve meant. Could be related to the years you spent sucking your zionist boss's circumcised cock back in New York.
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    You are a filthy nasty person from a filthy nasty people who are unable to govern themselves so dictators must be employed.

    Everyone can see that here for themselves. Sub-human.

    May more of your people fall under jet-fighter munitions today god willing.
  8. 7) North Korea! They still have Nazi slave-labor camps over there.

    8) Restoration of the U.S. Constitution & Bill Of Rights, by any means necessary. People, we need to get these things back!

    9) Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a total douche.

    10) Russia. This one will be very difficult.

    11) Cuba.
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    Agreed, and this is really the only one I care about.
  10. Countries where you work for the government to take away your money and feed the fucking old fag hags who did nothing but fuck around when they were young.

    So here's a better list:

    1. Spain

    2. Germany

    3. UK

    4. France

    5. The rest of EU.

    Fuck the EU, that shithole is going to die within a decade. And those fucking Europeans are going to suffer and die from hunger within 3 decades. Fuck them all.
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