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  1. Stanley works looks ready for another leg up. Volume on this pennant formation is not ideal but worth watching, as the possible break is near. May take the earnings release to break it up or maybe down stay tuned
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  2. I like it alot!
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  3. Another pennant formation, I am seeing these guys all thru the SP500. This one has all the makings, just wait for conformation
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  4. looks like you know what you are doing to me.

  5. I love these that fall, base out the start climbing up and out, you can sometimes ride these for years.
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  6. Keep you eye on these chip equipment manufactures this is one long strong base and when it start to climb up and out of that base you can relax and kick back. Trouble is who knows when it will break out.

    The are out of favor thats for sure.
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  7. Hello Mr bear, wait for a retracement back to support then short it. Volume was strong on that support break.
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  8. I tired time for rest, good night!
  9. HEy check out

    TGT, I dont know how to post it here, but anyways I looks to be making a formation, something between a triple bottom and a triangle. The MACD just hooked up, and the 20 day and 50 day EMA crossed over

    What do you think?
  10. Check out GENZ, just broke out of a double bottom, although it's approaching it's 50 day MA, but, it's done this before and broke through it, maybe with a little consolidation.
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