Place your bets! Quiz #3

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by axeman, Nov 18, 2002.

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  1. Sorry guys....was a long weekend...half asleep.
    Didnt notice the graphic was too large and got

    Graphic is a little crusty. Took many tries to get it
    under the 100k limit.

    You may now re-place your bets.


  2. You cant wait.... this is about managing a random entry.
    You may exit with a 2 cent commish loss immediately,
    or play the position.



  3. Trajan


    hmm, Do I want to go for the profit or play it straight. It looks like it will head down but not before taking out everyone's stops.

    Cover now. pay the .02 cents.
  4. Stock is showing too much strength relative to the futures.

    I'll cover here.
  5. 2 cent loss


    futures pretty much filled the opening gap. there was also a lot of selling volume at the bottom. the major moving average is also there for support. so i'm more bullish than bearish on the futures.

    the stock is in a downtrend, but major volume has come in. possibly short covering? a downsloping trendline can be drawn from the open, which extends to above the red moving average. i'd be more bullish than bearish below that point.
  6. DTK


    I'm guessing that from the time scale that there is a whole day for this to pan out...

    ... with that in mind, let me go for a little 1.5:1 (reward / risk) action.

    Stop 50.03
    Target 47.53
  7. miniTrdr


    stop at 49.75
    first target 48.50 - if it doesnt break, look to take profits or breakeven
    if it breaks below 48.40 move stop to 48.50
    next target 48.10
  8. that vol spike makes it look like it has some upside so i don't like being short tight stop....

    stop 49.18
  9. miniTrdr


    whats the answer.. this was a daytrade and ive had to wait overnight for an answer :D
    #10     Nov 19, 2002
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