Place to lose my money wanted

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by joelgoodsen, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Hey- I just want a firm that will take my $5K and give me 20:1 leverage, good market access and trading software without all of the pretend "interview" process or their "intensive training" like they all advertise.

    Is this out there ?

    I am 41 and have traded since I was 19 and have recently stumbled on this prop-firm thing.

    I have been out of trading for a couple of years working full time running a business but would like to get back in.
    I need the kind of leverage mentioned to make it worthwhile (my own cash position is low at this point).

    I know the risks -I have been trading practice accounts with Anvil software for a couple of months and have seen how fast $5k can be lost and I am ready to risk that.

    Is there a firm/service that will give me this service in exchange for reasonable fees ? The $7 per 1000 shares I see mentioned would be fine.
    Without any mandatory training, pretend interviews, etc. Just "Pay-to-Play" !!!!