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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JUNIOR, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Dustin


    I got ya beat Junior :D
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  2. Great job!
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    Thats ok that I'm not a senior member. I'd rather not be called senior - especially since it goes by how many posts you make. I wonder if anyone is still around from the old chat days ? - when Baron traded with us and Tony Oz was around. Anyone know how everyones doing ?
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  4. Baron

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    Thanks for the fine comments. I appreciate them. Now that you're back, I'm sure you'll be up to 'Member' status (more than 30 posts) in no time. :)

    TonyOz is still around. In fact, he's near the 230 posts mark, which isn't bad at all. You can vew his recent posts at

    It's good to see you're still around.
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    Yeah B I'm still around. Still in the business too. Brokering for clients . Daytrading under an LLC for myself now - still with MB/Terra Nova.:D
    #15     Apr 22, 2002
  6. TonyOz


    It is good to see a name from the past.

    What are you guys selling the public now ??? Let me guess, home-builders, heehee.

    Unfortunately, most of the members of the Old Chat took a looooooooooooong leave of absence.

    The ones I heard from not too long ago are Tradeweb, Nesi and Sandon.

    I talked to JerryR once since he moved to WA about two years ago. INSP hurt him bad along with the bear market.

    I haven't seen or heard from Len, Major, Mazel, Smartmoney, Daytrader1, Celtic, LLB, Scalper, TraderJoe, Baja, and God help me, I can't remember all of them :)

    Anyways, it is really good to see you are still here.


    PS: The new Elite Chat doesn't have a real-time log. And the nice thing about this board is that you don't get da boot every five minutes :D
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    Just reviving the thread...
    Baron the site's great as usual. Just wanted to say hi. Hope all is well :D

    Shout out to Tony Oz if your still around too...:cool:
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