Pizza & Inflation??

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  1. Snapped this photo today at a local pizza joint.
  2. 1000th post!

    This one should be easier on the eyes.
  3. 400%, was that an accurate estimate?

  4. The 107% for wheat is accurate. They probably meant 40% for all costs of production.

    But it's a good thing Core-CPI excludes food and energy otherwise business owners and the public would really be hurting from inflation right about now...
  5. Low interest rates and inflation.

    What does that spell ? :eek:

  6. An asshole chairing the Federal Reserve.
  7. Greenspan's fault.
  8. The Powers have an agenda... and it does NOT include the well-being of the American people. :mad:
  9. Between dairy and flour could easily be 400%. When I sold my business in August patent flour was $12.00/50lb, today $28.00/50bl. I believe rye flour is over $100/100lb, up from similar levels. That's why I sold my business, saw it coming!

  10. Choices are going to be made at some point. Either some big banks, hfs, insurance take it on the chin or the dollar is put to permanent rest.
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