pizza guy that blew up

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    I remember a statistic which stated that pizza deliveryman is in fact one of the most deadly jobs, right after (or before?) policeman.

  2. I thought it was US President.
  3. this part is especially interesting:
    there is speculation that the man who blew up wanted to rob the bank. but according to the above info, someone really did call and order a pizza that the guy delivered.

  4. OH - MY - GOD !


    That is just, like, SO A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    I don't know about you guys, but I couldn't think of any possible better use of my time than scouring the net searching for off the wall "news" items to discuss with my "friends" on ET! Nosiree!

    So, did he want to rob the bank? What about that pizza he delivered? Did it explode too? Will more explode? So many questions! Find out, when Gordon "no wonder I can't trade" Gekko returns to solve the "The Mystery of The Pizzaman".
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    Wong Lee

    Talk about irony. Looks like you're the one with too much free time.


  6. lol, quit picking on GG, atleast he keeps us entertained while we wait for the market to open.
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    Okay, this is even worse. We all knew there were bootleg videos of this (several news crews were filming this guy) and some wacko pointed me to a copy. Am uncertain whether to post a link here or not...
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    Post it. At least a few of us are interested.

    Anyone hear what the results of the investigation were? I never heard any more and was curious as to the outcome.
  9. welo


    The last I heard they were still looking for people. Had two sketches. Jury's still out on whether this guy was a willing participant or not. I catch stuff about it from time to time.

    As far as posting the link, I think I'll abstain. I'm a Gulf vet so I've seen worse, but it will get to some people. Plus the site it's on isn't exactly in the best of taste. If anyone's really that interested PM me and I'll give it to you that way.
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