PIXR - Don't short Steve Jobs

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DeepFried, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. Pixar reporting .22 cents per share with consensus estimate at .11 cents.

    Revenue $45.8 mil versus estsimate of $30.6 mil.
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    These guys have about the most inconsistent earnings I've ever seen. Be careful up here, they haven't given guidance yet..
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    That was fun.:)
  4. How so?
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    It consolidated right around 56 for 45 minutes before the call, and then had a 4 pt drop within a few minutes. Didn't play it with any size, but it was a nice short.
  6. :eek: Whoa! Tomorrow will be interesting! :D
  7. Actually, that was probably just a late print. It'll be way higher tomorrow.
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    The trades were real. The stock dropped from 56 to 51 when they gave in line guidance, then moved back towards 54 by the end of the extended session. No matter where it goes, it should provide for some good trades tomorrow.
  9. Ah, okay. Thanks Jorge.
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    The stock dropped when they gave a breakdown of ther EPS increase. .05c was a one time expense reduction and .02c was due to a lower than anticipated tax rate. Thus their pro forma earnings work out to .15c - not all that hot. I was surprised to see the stock keep going up the next two days. Also as you mentioned, their 4th qr guidance of .13c -.17c was lower than expected. Imo the stock should start heading down on monday. Having said that, stocks don't usually behave in a reasonable and rational manner and as somebody mentioned on this thread it could well be the steve jobs effect as is the case with the over-rated aapl. Again aapl reported crummy earnings and gave lacklustre guidance - the stock was rightly down big time after market. But the next day - lo and behold - it makes up almost all the lag and kept heading on up making new 52w highs in the days following.
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