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  1. forgive my ignorance but what is PIVOT
    I see it in trade recommendation charts after projected Hi/lo's and stops
  2. Saikiranray, for one explanation of pivots see:


    a free desktop pivot calculator at: http://www.simple-as-123.net/downloads.html

    Trading with pivots I think originated with floor traders as it's a simple formula to remember and trade S/R price levels.

    I prefer and suggest you learn how to use the fibo tool. I believe using the fibo tool provides more advantageous trades, more accurate price targets for Corrections, Retracements and price Projections.

    Use search on this site and the moneytec forum. Wallace.
  3. Thank You wallace the information had been very helpful.


    Look into eSignal and Advanced GET. The charts will show pivots and you can get a wealth of info on the topic by visiting


    Good luck!