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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Minime, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Minime


    Interesting how todays pivot point on the ES is the HOD so far. At least according to my calculations.
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  2. Neil


    Exactly spot on today so far Minime.. 825.75.. perfect..

    I use pivots a lot also, in combination with trend line breaks mostly.. Its worth noting that on the futures there is some variance on the calculations.. more than on stocks since some use the all sessions and some, like myself, use the normal day sessions data for the calcs. Some days this makes little difference but obviously can mean significantly different values on some occasions.. I prefer the day only session cals as it seems to me to be more often better..

    For any who have not used pivots before there are sites that give the daily values for any stocks etc.. such as barcharts.com but most good charting systems can draw them in automatically on your charts as you call them up..

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  3. BCE


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  4. sempai


    I'm not a big fan of mathematically calculated pivot points, although it seems like so many people use them, I may give them a look-see.

    I trade the e-minis, and just look at the O-H-L-C levels from the day-session only and all-sessions charts for the last day or two. I also look at the daily chart for any highs or lows, as well as groupings of opens and closes that have occured in the past several months. This seems to work very well for me.
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  5. so with these pivot calculations you only use daily data, not for instance weekly high low close to calculate something like a weekly pivot ?
    I guess it doesn't exist or at least nobody is using it.

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  6. anyone using pivots *mechanically*?
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  7. BCE thanks for the great link. I have coded the same into excel before bt had never checked to be sure I had done it accurately. This was a nice check.

    I haven't found that stocks regard the numbers like the futures. Has anyone else had a different experience?

    In the spoo pit the pivot numbers are gospel. Prior to being there, and while I was there, I used a mthod I developed based on the numbers. It was mechanical in the sense that I used the same rules for each trade.

    It was a simple retracement entry and exit using the pivot numbers as triggers for both. It worked great for 3 years until the Oct 87 crash. Then for three months it was terrible because of the amount of volatility that was in the market. But after it settled down again, the method worked just fine.

    I have to laugh because this was back when it was a big deal for me to have Tick Data sent to my home for the spoo before I was a member, and no longer had to backtest the method using reams of data sent to me in cases by the Merc. I had cases of that stuff everywhere. But the Merc sent it for free and it was the only way.

    Does anyone else remember 5 1/4 floppys?

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  8. ddefina


    How old does that make you if you do? I remember the high density, double density, two sided and one sided. And I bailed out of my trade too early, crap!
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  9. 5 1/4 " floppies were cool high tech stuff compared to the cassettes on my first computer. :)

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    I have noticed formulas for pivot and 1st and 2nd S/R. I have found several infos also about 3rd S/R. How they are calculated. I have not found any formula for them.

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