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    Does any one know of where one can find a software system or the like that will calculate the pivot points beyond P, R1,R2,S1,S2.
    Looking to go further with resistance and support levels through to levels 3and 4 but also M+ and M- level calculations for the above support and resistance levels as well. This is proving to be helpful in E Mini trading.

    Thanks Everybody

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  3. http://www.simple-as-123.net/downloads.html

    This utility calculates pivots to S3 and R3. Download the last utility on the list. I also use M+ and M- but just calculate them manually after I have got the full pivot numbers.
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    M+ M- ???:confused:
  5. M = Mid pivot.
    So M+ = 1/2 distance between P and R1.
    M++ = 1/2 distance between R1 and R2
    M- = 1/2 distance between P and S1
    M-- = 1/2 distance between S1 and S2.
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    As far as I understand these are midpoint pivot calculations in between Support and resistance Levels. So it goes as this...

    and so on up to the 5th or the 7th value of R or S and M+ or M- if you want.

    It works believe me.
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    Thanks, I've referred to them as R1.5 R2.5 and so on.

    I don't think anyone really ever needs anything beyond R3 or S3 but I am curious to the formula for R4 S4 and beyond if anyone cares to show it or PM me. TIA:)
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    It only goes to 3s.. you look at limit down if it goes further.
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    Yes that certainly makes more sense to refer to them as R1.5 and S1.5 and so on. Thanks for the posts on this question and I'll most certainly check out the sites that were posted. Wish I checked out the ex a little more thoroughly as one does with trading.

  10. Hello,

    I use these levels for my Daily, Weekly and Monthly Levels.

    I calculate the end of each day for the following day, Each Friday I take the data from the week & calulate for the following week, and end of each month for the following month.

    Calulations for "Pivot Levels"
    Resistance Two "R-2" = Main Pivot + (High - Low)
    Resistance One "R-1" = (Main Pivot x 2) - Low
    Main Pivot "P" = (High + Low + Close) / 3
    Support One "S-1" = (Main Pivot x 2) - High
    Support Two "S-1" = (Main Pivot) - (Resistance One - Support One)

    I just completed an article that is being edited for Stocks & Commodities Mag, this will show you How I look at the Daily, Weekly & Monthly Pivots, and commonality between the 3 types to help discover key support and resistance levels. If you get that mag, you will find some good info on it, or just keep a eye on our website over the coming months, also our magazine archives section is free for the public, I am sure you will find a wealth of information from that article for your trading.

    If you take the data from Feb. You will find that the High of this last rally in the S&P/SPY was exact to the Monthly R-2. around 896.00, SPY 90.00 area. You will find that the 200 day ma was
    close to the Monthly R-2 level and togther used as a commonality provided key resistance we have been watching.

    I do say you have to be careful in how you use these levels, just because a level is at a certain price, you must pay attention to the short term & longer term trends & be flexible in using them.

    These levels could be used on Stocks as well as indexes.

    I have them programmed to auto plot them each day week and month.

    Also, combining them with FIB levels, moving averages, swing highs and lows, or seeing price divergnces within the indexes around those levels also adds a ton more support to finding turning points.

    I hope you enjoy using these numbers as much as I do....

    Christopher Terry
    #10     Mar 25, 2003