Pivot Point Analysis

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  1. Can anyone recommend some good links or books about pivot points and their application to futures or individual stocks?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The new issue of Futures mag has an article on it.

  3. Goldenarm,


    John Person is an expert in Pivot Point analysis and you can get info on the above website.

    You can PM me fopr some info about Tony Laporta from the CME exchnage floor. He provide numbers and daily analysis to a large group of traders on the Exchange floor. He is building a website.

    Another is Dan Gramza, who teacheds classes for the CME:


    I belive that their is a guy from proedgeonline that provides a spreadsheet that lets you input the High-LOW-Close and compute your levels.


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  4. Thanks, guys!
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    We e-mail the daily numbers. Moving Averages, Support/Resist, Fib numbers, and Volitility. S&P/Nasdaq. Free
    e-mail at jbarry@proedgeonline.com if you'd like them.

    Or you can use the calculator for any equity ect.
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    Anyone familiar with any good books focusing on Pivot Points ? Amazon just has one that I found with an average of 2 out of 5 stars.
  7. I have found these to be outstanding. Probably partially a self fulfilling prophecy. However, while the equations for S1, R1, are pretty simple does anyone know they come up with S2, R2???
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    R2= P + (H-L)
    S2= P - (H-L)
  9. I swear I have used this and my numbers have been different. From the #'s real tick generates. My algebra has been fine. Its just puzzling. Do you have information on all of the real tick pivots.
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    Did you use day session or was overnight included?
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