pivot and support resistance line

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by robinxing, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. I find pivot is very important support or resistance line for intraday trading

    I wanna learn more about pivot trading

    any articles about the topic?

    thank you
  2. How can you find it important if you don't know how to trade it??? Believing something doesn't make it a fact. First I would put aside your beliefs and look for what is true.
  3. Hi robinxing,

    Based upon what you've said...

    Seems like your having a little success with Pivot Analysis or that what little you do know has improved your trading.

    Now you want to learn more about it.

    You do realize there are dozens and dozens of ways to compute Pivot point info???

    Therefore, it may be helpful if you explain what you do know or have been using so far so that any advice offered can be geared towards a particular type of Pivot Point Analysis instead of you trying to learn a different type of PPA.

    Thus, what info have you been using so far?

    If your not using it...as the prior poster said...how can it be important to you?

  4. NihabaAshi

    Now I am a day trader

    I find if the open of next day gap down or up the pivot1 line

    it usually will strart a trend ,up or down

    if it does not it tends to sideway in the resistance and support line until it breaks through it
  5. I understand what you just said.

    However, my point in the prior post is that there are different types of PPA and its helpful to know what type of PPA your using.

    Posting some chart examples would be helpful too.

    If not, your either not going to get much help or the info that is offered won't be too helpful.