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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tampa, Mar 3, 2002.

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    Pitty the average “trader” on this board. Jim, and David, and Maria, in fact the entire gang at CNBC is out to do him wrong. The specialists and market makers are out to do him wrong. All the venders and authors are out to do him wrong. The analysis’s and media are out to do him wrong.

    No one will be “honest” with him! (read that as no one will tell him what stock is going to the moon tomorrow)

    Oh woe is the poor average trader on this board. He just can’t catch a brake! Chat room operators are no good. Kevin Hagerty only tells them some of the good stuff. Guys who sell systems only sell them when they stop working. On and on it goes. The remarkable thing is that any of them are still in the market knowing what they know.

    If only there was honor and honesty in the markets!!!

    If only there was honor and honesty among the crowd around here when it comes to accepting responsibility for making bad trades.
  2. axehawk


    so true

  3. Rigel


    Forewarned is forearmed.
  4. "I will never forget the image of John--he was a very portly guy with thick, opaque glasses--going up to the quote board, pounding and shaking his fist at it, and shouting, 'Doesn't anyone want to make a guaranteed profit!'"

    Michael Marcus from Market Wizards by Jack Schwager
  5. GeeTO69


    I pitty [sic] those who cannot spell.
  6. mgkrebs


    Amazing how many people loose(sic) money or have occasional loosing(sic) streaks these days.
  7. Oh great, now we get the spelling bee crowd. Life is to short to nitpick!
  8. Rigel


    My analysis(sic) just upgraded INTC but I can't buy any because my computer just had a brake(sic)down.
  9. mgkrebs


    lose is a verb, loose is an adjective and it's truly amazing how many dozens of traders don't get it write.
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