Pittsburgh traders?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by menelaus, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. menelaus


    anyone trade in the 'burgh? No prop shops here but there has to be a few indys...
  2. born and raised in pburgh. but left a long time ago !

  3. regough


    Spent my first 20 years, there- but in London, for now.
  4. sammybea


    Yeah born and raised.. but had the same problem.. no props so moved to NYC.
  5. lived there for 3 years after I left Penn State.

    ... left Pgh for sunny Southern California about 15 years ago!

    (I do miss the Primanti sandwiches though -- can't get that kind of food in CA):cool:
  6. I was born & raised in Pittsburgh, now call Houston home.

    How great is was to be a Steelers fan in the 70's!!!
  7. The PA state tax levels with local income AND high property taxes are an efficient job killing machine. Pgh is a good place to leave and you'll find that many have done so.
  8. i LOVE the burgh and all of PA, but left about seven years ago...