Pittsburgh Traders

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  1. Anyone here trading in Pittsburgh?

    Aside from the few banks like PNC, BNY Mellon, etc are there any trading desks you know of?

    I see yellow pages listings for a 'Pinnacle Trading' and 'BMR Trading' in the same building in Oakland - are these trading outfits?

    I'm finishing an MBA and would really like to find somewhere local (my wife is attached to the area) where I can make a career as a trader.
  2. kxvid


    Hi im from pittsburgh. As far as jobs I guess theres a few places to trade. I guess it depends on what kind of trader you are, there always seems to be alot of demand for fixed income traders. But the trader job situation here leaves alot to be desired. You could probably find better opportunities just about anywhere else.
    pennsylvania trading jobs;http://banking-finance.careerbuilde...9-KE-5&ns_siteid=ns_us_g_trading_pennsylvania