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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by bsjn1580, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Any Prop firms or satellite offices located in Pittsburgh? Im an MBA student in the Burgh and Im very interested in getting involved and/or starting one with other entrepreneurs...

    Any thoughts? There is plenty of talent in this town, somebody needs to do it!!
  2. pittsburgh is a great town---my hometown---- a prop shop would likely be a huge success due to the need and no competition. you should set up a sub LLC or join with someone to open an office. good luck!

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    Thanks for the response! I agree that it would be a great place to operate, and there is still plenty of old money in this town, but we know how some of the elders deal with a propensity to change;)

    Anyway, maybe I'll bring it up with some others at the Finance clubs around Pittsburgh, but do not believe I have the knowledge to venture on my own like that yet.

    Anybody else care to chime in? Give your $0.02
  4. Seems to be a few people from the area, never would have thought that. Anyway, a few people in the groups that I asociate with have mentioned this in the past. As was said above, no competition here and there seems to be a little demand, so it may work.
  5. All of the "Pittsburgh Talent" moved to Chicago or New York? :D
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    Yea but there is plenty of fresh talent always coming in. The universities here are great, and there is lots of money left in this town.
  7. I've also been interested in opening an office in the burgh. A lot of work to get up and running.