Pitt ousted?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by darkhorse, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. Man, your good, I was just gonna post the same thing, but the page refreshed and I saw yours.


    Here is mine:

    Seems to be a lot of possible catalysts for an upside blow off this week. Cramer mentioned it and several other market observers as well. What are the catalysts?

    Market could have rolled over on Friday but didn't, the MSFT news is sure to start Monday off nicely. Tuesday is election day and it looks more and more with every poll like Republicans could win and that will spawn some talk atleast of them passing something with regard to taxation of dividends which might lift the market (remember mkt ralley after wellstone's plane crashed), on Wed the Fed Meets and will likely cut, plus CSCO reports. Also the Republicans are likely gonna throw Pitt to the wolves finally.

    If that isn't enought it might just be me but it feels like a lot of funds have been burned so often chasing ralleys that maybe they FINALLY sat this one out and now are trying to catch up to their prospective benchmarks.

    Perfect (Bullish) Storm in the making?

  2. i think a number of bearish hedge funds who are long on conviction and short on trading skills might be put to the sword this week.

    hope the benchmark boys run the SOX up to 400. more meat on the bone for the inevitable decline.
  3. drudge is reporting the that the NY times is leading with report that republicans will gain seats in the house...

    too bad they didnt toss PITT before isld/ETF farce! i dont dislike many folks, but this guy is unbelievable.
  4. Pitt seems like a minor issue to me at this late date in the corporate scandal story. Maybe a negative - Bush forced to capitulate, uncertainty about possible tough enforcement and intrusive investigations from successors - but probably just inside baseball...
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    Drudge? Boy, you are a well prepared trader.
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    Personally, I like as much drama as possible for the sake of volatility. Should be an interesting week. Street.com also talked about how wednesday could be a "fulcrum" day because of Fed , elections, etc. I have a hard time understanding how Pitt is still in office in light of the environment of the last year. He's lucky to still be standing, but what do I know......
  7. bush seems to be really loyal... look at the "invisivible man", er sec'y of the treasury. how has he lasted this long?