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  1. anyone here on ET use Andrews Pitchforks as a TA tool?

    I ran a search, but found nothing here, which is not too suprising, as this is my first post.

    I've been using the forks for a long time, and have found them useful.

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    I've read the book
    "The Best Trendline Methods of Alan Andrews and Five New Techniques....... by Mikula.....
    interesting but I don't really use them myself.
    Perhaps you could post a couple of charts with notes on how you find them useful.
  3. I'll have to go look for the directions to post a chart on ET

    however, I'll be glad to draw one on any equity you're interested in ..
    won't cost you a thing, and most likely, that is how much it'll be worth ...

    give me a symbol and a time frame (daily, 60min, 10min, etc) as I've been a gunsling trader in the past five years ...
    just getting back, and not too much at that, after some family responsiblilties crept up ....
  4. es04h with a trio of forks
  5. What does it all mean, man...
  6. >>><i>what does it all mean </i>

    just a TA tool in my box I use to help me find important price points of which I need to pay attention, depending upon the market action

    I'm hoping for some other fork drawers to find this thread and give ME some pointers ...... <gggggg>
  7. It is valid and reasonable for a trader to guard his hard earned trading knowledge. However if this is his line, he shouldn't expect to get help in a public forum.

    On the contrary, the best way to learn is to teach.
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    Give me a break, will ya. You make it sound like you've just discovered atomic fusion or something. Any bozo can trade, and any ideas we think we might have invented have already been thought of, and tried.

    The best thing we can do is share our simple ideas and hope someone who knows a lot more than we do, will help us out.
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